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Online translation and interpretation services

When, where and how you want it

Online interpretation

Turn your computer or smartphone into the professional interpreter you need, to talk with whoever is with you, when they don’t speak your language.

Online interpretation -Btalk

Online conference call interpretation

The same as Btalk, but with the possibility of contacting people who aren’t with you, over the phone. With the help of a telephone interpreter you can have a conversation with up to three other people.

Online conference call interpretation - Btalk+

Over the phone interpretation

Because you don’t always have access to the Internet, Bmob lets you call our interpreters from your mobile. Just register your phone in your profile and call our Bmob number, our interpreters will always be with you.

Over the phone interpretation - Bmob

Document translation

With Bdoc you can translate or adapt to the sociocultural context your documents. You will get an immediate price quote, with no intermediaries and completely confidential. You will also get regular progress updates on your translations. With Bdoc you can translate or adapt to the sociocultural context your documents.

Document translation - Bdoc

Image translation

Handwritten documents, notices, fines… no automatic translator can help you except… Bpic. Attach the image file containing the text or upload a photo with the mobile app and get back the translation in just a few minutes.

Image translation - Bpic

How does it work?

Byvox provides online solutions you can access from the web or your smartphone apps.

Once you’ve created a user account you can access your applications panel, where you can use our online solutions and set up the telephone service Bmob.

Each one of the interpretation apps lets you bring a professional interpreter online to translate your conversation with people who don’t share your language.

Translations work just the same: translate whatever you need from and into any of the available languages. You will get an immediate price quote for translating documents and images containing text.

All this from just one website, which provides all the translation and interpretation services you need.