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Over the phone interpretation English Arabic

What’s it for?

Need an interpreter but don’t have Internet access or your mobile doesn’t support apps? With Bmob this is no problem either, because a simple phone call is all you need to contact an interpreter. And if you’re abroad, just call the nearest local Byvox number wherever you are.

How does it work?

  1. Enter your personal profile on Byvox.
  2. In the Bmob section you can enter up to 5 numbers you want to use to access the telephone service. These are the numbers from which you will then be able to call the interpretation service.
  3. In the Bmob app you can listen to an audio demo of how the call system works and download the language codes as a PDF file.
  4. To access the service dial your nearest international Byvox number.
  5. Follow the automated instructions.

Special conditions

  • Byvox cannot be responsible for offering this service if the foreign operator hides your number.
  • Remember that Byvox will only charge you for the interpretation service, but your operator will charge you for the call to Byvox.

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