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What’s it for?

Btalk+ is an extension of the Btalk service which enables you to make conference calls with other people as well as the interpreter.  With Btalk+ you don’t just talk with another person with the help of an interpreter, but can hold conference calls with up to 4 participants (you and up to three other people).

How does it work?

Special conditions

  • To use Btalk+ you must have active audio input and output devices.
  • Currently only available for MS Windows.
  • Byvox will not be responsible if the telephone participants do not answer your call.
  1. Choose your language.
  2. Choose the language of the person with you.
  3. The system will select the best interpreter to communicate between your language and that of the person with you.
  4. Click on “Connect” to connect with the interpreter. (You won’t be able to start the conversation if you don’t have sufficient credit.)
  5. Btalk+ will display a meter showing you how much credit you’re using. It will start counting down when the interpreter connects.
  6. Once you have connected with the interpreter you can also call whoever you want to talk with.
  7. For this service you will be charged for each of the national or international calls, as well as for the interpretation service. As soon as you dial the numbers you wish to call you will see the price.
  8. At the end of the session Btalk+ will display the credit used.

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