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The Byvox team of translators and interpreters

The Byvox team of translators and interpreters

At Byvox you will find hundreds of interpreters and translators who will help you to communicate in other languages. They have all been assessed and selected specifically based on their professional experience and the accreditation of their knowledge of translation and interpretation as well as interlinguistic mediation.

We employ professional interpreters and translators from all over the world to offer a personalised service, adapted to each country’s individual circumstances and context. In this way we can facilitate relations between companies and individuals, ensuring that our personnel know the political, social and cultural context of the country our clients’ contact comes from.

After joining our team interpreters are further trained by completing trials in simulated interpreting environments and carrying out supervised interpreting tasks. They also receive continuous support and training in specific vocabulary, negotiation techniques, problem resolution, mediation and multicultural advice.

They all meet the Code of Ethics established by Byvox in conjunction with various universities and they constantly strive to extend their knowledge of the languages they work with and the different cultures associated with them.

In short, we have a large team of professionals from various countries, perfectly trained to help you overcome any language barrier.

At Byvox we assign each translation and interpretation service according to each professional’s profile, to ensure that every interpreter or translator is specialised in the field in which they are going to work. We can’t tell you about each one in detail here, but if you want to know more you can contact us to find out more about our team and their profiles.