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What’s it for?

Are you looking for a specific place but you don’t understand the signs? In a restaurant but don’t understand the menu? Just been fined but you don’t know why? Do you need to sign an invoice that you don’t understand? As long as you can take a photo, these and any other similar documents are no longer a problem, because Bpic will translate them for you in a matter of minutes, via your computer or smartphone.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the language of the image.
  2. Choose the language you want your document translated into.
  3. Upload the file onto Byvox
  4. Bpic will show you the files you have uploaded so that you can check them before they are translated.
  5. When you request a translation it will move to the “In progress” list.
  6. Once the translation is finished you can download it from the same application where it is stored with all other finished work.
  7. You can also delete the translated documents you have stored in your account.

Special conditions

If the text is illegible Byvox will cancel the translation in progress.

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