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Byvox for individuals

How can Byvox help me?

Byvox is the only solution you need to talk and communicate with other people and organisations who don’t use your language. All the solutions you could ever need to function in an international setting.

Is this service for me?

Byvox was created to help people like you, people who wanted a better solution for translation and interpretation; to bring the world of language professionals to your home, your mobile. Wherever you are, if you need to speak another language, Byvox puts it at your fingertips.

In what situations?

  • International communications: grants, visas, international procedures
  • Adoptions: simplifies procedures and saves on intermediaries
  • Shopping abroad: you won’t feel like a foreigner again demanding your rights or requesting information
  • Getting help: because you never know if you’re going to need it where you are.
  • Medical appointments: so that seeing a doctor abroad doesn’t leave you clueless, so that you can take part on an equal footing to those looking after you.
  • Exchanges: for whatever might happen
  • Legal problems or problems with the police abroad: don’t let them talk for you, take control of the situation by mastering the language, don’t feel excluded.
  • To help a foreigner in your own country
  • And many more reasons you haven’t even thought of yet