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What’s it for?

For any document you need to translate or adapt to the sociocultural context.

  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Official
  • General

You can translate your documents into any of the available languages, even if this means a change of script (for example, into Russian or Chinese). When you upload your document Bdoc counts the number of words and automatically calculates the price for the translation, without any obligation. Once you’ve seen the price you can decide whether you want to translate it, keep it pending or delete it.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the language of your document.
  2. Choose the language you want your document translated into.
  3. Choose the subject of the document to help us choose the best translator available for your document.
  4. Upload the file onto Byvox.
  5. Bdoc will count the number of words and calculate the cost of the translation based on the number of words and the language you want your document translated into. It will instantly give you the price and delivery date, without any obligation.
  6. You can decide whether to translate or discard your document. Byvox will not store any copies of your personal files.
  7. When you click “Translate” Bdoc will assign your work to the most appropriate translator.
  8. The status panel will keep you informed about the progress of the translation.
  9. Once the translation is finished you can download it from the work done list.
  10. You can also delete the translated documents you have stored in your account.

Special conditions

  • Byvox reserves the right to cancel any translation if the subject or language information is incorrect or if you try to translate a document which is subject to copyright.
  • Service subject to the translators’ work hours, adjusted to GMT+1

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