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Do you want to know where the idea for Byvox started? We would be happy to tell you, starting with the origins of Dualia, the group of professionals behind this innovative service.

Dualia is a company located in the valley of Alto Deba in Gipuzkoa, near to the economic and international activity of the cooperative companies and industrial and business fabric of the Basque Country. A young and innovative company which recognised the growing need to communicate in various languages brought about by globalisation.

Established as a private sector company in 2004, Dualia became a pioneer and one of the main operators in language solutions in Spain, driving new services such as Telephone Interpreting in social, health and citizen services managed by the public administrations, as well as in a wide variety of business settings.  

Following our success in bringing telephone interpreting to large companies and Administrations a new challenge arose: how to bring this solution to small and medium sized companies, as well as the general public, in a simple, accessible and modern way which met all language needs and formed a perfect and vital tool for international relations.

Byvox was created within a culture of developing state-of-the-art solutions based on free software, always seeking the best connectivity with users. Thanks to web-based environments, voice over IP digital communications and file management and recovery systems, telephone interpreting, which was already useful and efficient, has been updated and notably improved.

Using the most modern technologies available Dualia offers, through Byvox, what will become a world leader in bringing the services of the best translation and interpretation professionals into your home, your workplace or wherever you are, on the first international multilingual platform.