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Byvox on your mobile

Use Byvox's solutions directly on your AndroidTM mobile.

You can easily access Byvox's services through our convenient mobile app. It offers the same tools as on the website but adapted for mobiles, giving you access when you're not in front of your computer.


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Online interpretation

Turn your smartphone into the interpreter you need to talk with whoever is with you, when they don't speak your language.

Online conference call interpretation

The same as Btalk, but with the possibility of inviting people who aren't with you into the conversation just by giving them a call. You and up to three other people can have a conference call with the help of an interpreter.

Image translation

Handwritten documents, notices, fines… no automatic translator can help you except… Bpic. Take a photo of whatever it is you don't understand with the mobile app and receive the translation of your image in just a few minutes.

Telephone interpretation

For when you don't have a 3G mobile connection and you need an interpreter. Bmob will tell you what numbers are available to reach our team and the language codes for your choice.